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      Kaiping Shengfa Auto Parts Industrial Co., Ltd

      Kaiping Shengfa Auto Parts Industrial Co., Ltd isa professional manufacturer of modified car airintake kit, mainly producing air intake aluminumpipes and other auto parts for North American,Japanese and European modified cars. We have carried out ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System and ISO14001:2004 International Environmental Management System. We have advanced technology and developing ability. Products are sold to NorthAmerica, Europe and South East Asia.

      aluminum pipes and other auto parts, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We will cooperate with each other on the basis of honest,pragmatism, friendship and mutual benefit. Let's create a better future together!

      FLAT4, NO.5-7 Outer Ring Bei Road ShuiKou Town. Kaiping City Guangdong, China

      Phone : +86-750-2710235

      Fax : +86-750-2713638


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